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Auxpanel is an easy-to-setup and easy-to-use analytics dashboard that analyzes, tracks, automates, and grows your dental practice from startup to chain.
Dental Practices & Teams Auxpanel
“Our Gross Production is up $269,172, Collections is up $127,649 compared to last year, and it’s only September.”
“So comprehensive yet easy to use. I get the big picture KPIs and the small details. My favorite dashboard yet.”
“Our hygiene reappointment rate is now almost 90% up from 55% when we first started last month.”
Syncs with your existing software
Seamless integration with all major practice management software (PMS), whether you’re running one system or multiple across locations. Frequent syncs mean your dashboard is always up-to-date with the latest practice numbers.
Visually intuitive KPIs and actionable lists
Charts, visualizations, and lists that distill even the messiest of data into meaningful insights your team can act on now. From Cancellation and Walkout lists to Hygiene Recare lists, we’re always unearthing areas of opportunity and growth.
Modules that make every day a success
Our Daily Huddle highlights trends, balances to collect, unbooked blocks, and patients who need reappointing. Our Treatment Miner instantly uncovers incomplete treatment that can unlock additional revenue. And so much more.
Search from hundreds of KPIs and metrics
Better metrics = better decisions. Our searchable library of hundreds of KPIs for Location, Office, Dentist, Specialist, or Hygiene makes it easy to get to the data you want. We’re also always brewing up new ones in Labs where users get early access to exciting metrics we’re experimenting with.
Automated email reports
Save time and tedium and stop running reports. Our report builder lets you effortlessly craft custom reports with the metrics you want. Get them automatically emailed to your inbox on the daily, weekly, or monthly so you can review performance, wherever and on the go.
From startup practices to multi-location DSOs
With a comprehensive suite of robust features, we enable practices and organizations of all sizes to thrive. We’re also PMS agnostic which means multi-location organizations using multiple systems is a-ok 👍
Enterprise features for DSOs
Consolidated views for your multiple locations, SQL data access gives you custom ad-hoc queries, and much more.
Chat support and built-in tips
We’re here to help you via email, phone, or chat. We love seeing the practices we support thrive.
Simple transparent pricing
Running a practice is hard, our pricing isn’t. Charged month-to-month, no long term contracts, cancel anytime.
Folks love Auxpanel
“Our Gross Production is up $269,172, Collections is up $127,649 compared to last year, and it’s only September.”
“20% increase in production in the first month with you guys. That alone pays for 131 years of Auxpanel. Value doesn’t even begin describing it.”
“Our hygiene reappointment rate is now almost 90% up from 55% when we first started last month.”
“We’ve had consistent growth across the board because of the visibility and accountability your app has given us. Your goal tracker and reports are critical to our growth.”
“Love the custom report allows us to communicate different priorities across the locations we support.”
“We can’t imagine scaling our practice without our dashboard now.”
“OMG, this is AWESOME!! I could jump through this computer and hug you right now."
“We just did the easy setup which took minutes and our dashboard is already ready the same day. Completely painless and frictionless.”
“We love getting our weekly Practice Summary report in our email. It has only the metrics we want to focus on and it’s automated!”
“Thanks again for all your help!!! It had been a mess with █████, the lines of communications are terrible. Your team is so helpful”
“Amazing! Thank you 😊”
“You are the best. Thank you so much!!”
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