Practice Analytics
Visualize and monitor 100+ metrics and KPIs that drive growth for your practice. With robust metrics for locations, departments, and providers, there is no question too big or small that can’t be answered with your dashboard.
✓ Always up-to-date data ✓ Automated ✓ Accessible everywhere ✓ Location, department, provider level metrics
Patient Quick Lists
Instant actionable patient lists so your team can reactivate all kinds of patients who’ve fallen through the cracks – walk outs, no-shows, patients with incomplete treatment, patients due for hygiene recare, and everyone else who’ve disappeared into the heaps of digital charts.
Daily Huddle
Make each day a success with the 5-minute Daily Huddle. With a review of yesterday, today, and the future, this module focuses on the most critical metrics – progress toward your goals, collecting outstanding balances, rescheduling patients who’ve fallen through the cracks, and addressing unscheduled blocks of time in your schedule.
Treatment Miner
Treatment Miner mines your patient records for incomplete treatment so your patients get the care they need. Search any code to uncover incomplete and unscheduled crowns, prophys, ortho treatment and more.
Understanding your patients better means you can serve them better. Demographics reveals hidden insights about your patients – revenue and collections by gender, age cohort, zip codes, insurance plans, and more.
Goal Tracker
Our Goal Tracker makes it super easy to set goals for your practice or individual providers. See how everyone tracks toward their goals and receive email alerts on their progress. The sky’s the limit.
Email Reports
Our drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create reports with the metrics you want to focus on. Or use our premade out-of-the-box reports that contain the most vital metrics any practice should monitor. Set recipients for your reports and get them delivered to email on a set schedule daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.
✓ Design custom reports ✓ Out-of-the-box reports ✓ Automated delivery ✓ Set recipients for each report
Provider Profiles
Zoom into any provider’s performance with in-depth profiles. See their production, collections, cancellation rates, case acceptance, treatment plan sizes, procedure mix, projections, hourly and daily averages, activity level, and unscheduled time instantly. Easy comparison between providers lets you quickly uncover the behaviors and trends of your best performers.
✓ Dentist Profiles ✓ Specialist Profiles ✓ Hygienist Profiles ✓ Instant & easy comparison of provider performance
Where is your practice financially headed – trending down, up or staying the same as last year? Stop using your gut and start getting accurate projections that let you anticipate and take action now.
✓ End-of-Month Projections ✓ End-of-Quarter Projections ✓ End-of-Year Projections ✓ Org, Practice, Provider Projections
Multi-Location Dashboard
Consolidate data across many locations and systems into one robust and easy-to-use analytics dashboard that everyone within an organization can use – practice owner, dentist, front desk, or DSO back office. Roll up performance across all locations, all providers, or filter down to just one location or provider. This is your command center.
✓ Consolidated data from many locations, many systems ✓ Performance roll ups of all locations, each location, or each provider ✓ Compare & rank across locations
Multi-System Dashboard
We’re PMS agnostic which means our dashboard consolidates data across multiple vendors’ systems and setups – from local servers to cloud based systems – into one seamless experience. Access even more custom data with our visual SQL query builder within the dashboard.
✓ PMS agnostic ✓ Consolidated data from many locations, many systems ✓ Custom SQL query builder
Cloud Deployment & Services
Get push-button practice management servers in the cloud. If you're opening new locations or simply prefer to migrate away from onsite IT costs, our team can help you deploy Auxpanel enabled Open Dental cloud servers with push-button simplicity. Once live, your cloud servers will be accessible via a HIPAA-compliant encrypted connection, making work from anywhere possible.
✓ Lower IT costs ✓ Cloud Deployments for multi-site organizations ✓ HIPAA compliant ✓ Remote Access
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